About Us

Gearlink Racing originated in 2003 as Team GearLink. It wasn’t long before Team GearLink had established itself as a respected leader in the local cycling community and in the Florida statewide.   With a dedicated and focused membership a clear vision emerged allowing members to excel as well as give back to their community.

In October, 2008 Team GearLink changed its structure from an individually owned for-profit corporation, to a member-owned non-profit corporation. As part of the restructuring, Team GearLink officially changed its name to Gearlink Racing, Inc. The team remains commtted to its original goals, namely, to actively further the sport of cycling in the following ways:

  • By establishing and following a methodical, disciplined, and organized training program designed to improve its members’ fitness levels, and to develop and improve racing skills and tactics for successful racing.
  • By promoting cycling education and awareness.
  • By participating in sanctioned and recognized races and race-related events.
  • By organizing local races and training events.
  • By supporting cycling-related charitable organizations and events.
  • By acting as ambassadors of the sport of cycling in the local community.
  • By building friendships and social relationships with like-minded people who share a love of cycling.