Membership Benefits

GearLink Racing is constantly striving to obtain better benefits for its team members. As a result, member benefits are continuously being revised on an ongoing basis and are subject to frequent change without notice. The membership benefits described in these pages are to be used as a general guide only. For up-to-date benefits information for the current season please contact a GearLink Racing board member.

1.  Base Level Benefits:

Each team member that has paid the membership dues in full and the membership application has been approved will receive the benefits listed below:

  • An opportunity to ride and train with one of Florida’s most successful racing teams.  Recent stats include:
    • 1st Cat 4 Team Florida State Road Racing Series
    • 1st Cat 1 40-49 Men’s Individual Florida State MTB Series
    • 2nd Cat 2 Women’s Individual Florida State MTB Series
    • 5 State Road Racing Championship Podium Places
    • 31 First Place Finishers
    • 63 Top 3 Podiums
    • 172 Top 10 Finishers
    • 50 Active Racing Members in Road, Cx, Tri and MTB
  • Annual ownership interest in GearLink Racing, Inc. (One membership = One vote)
  • Eligibility for Training Level Membership.
  • An opportunity to purchase GearLink Racing Team uniforms and other clothing accessories at supplier vendor cost

Base Level Eligibility Requirements

GearLink Racing members must complete all of the following requirements to
receive Base Level Benefits:

  1. Paid the membership dues in full.
  2. Their membership application has been approved by the board.
  3. Comply with the GearLink Racing Code of Conduct.
  4. Commits to volunteering or has volunteered for a minimum of 3 hours at the annual race sponsored by GearLink.

 2. Training Level Benefits:

Every base level team member who purchases at least one current year team kit (jersey and shorts) will receive the benefits listed in Base Level PLUS the benefits below:

  • 15% discount on equipment & parts available and 10% off labor at our current bike shop sponsor, Chainwheel Drive.
  • A substantial discount on Specialized bikes and products.
  • Substantial discount on membership at team sponsor Total Fitness gym. $150 Per Year (Regularly $350 Per Year)
  • Discounted biological testing (VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold) at Prime Physical Therapy.
  • Any new promotions and discounts that may be added during the season.
  • Invitation to attend the team annual party and other team social functions.
  • Eligibility for Racing Level Benefits.

3. Racing Level Benefits:

Each team member who purchases at least one current year team kit (jersey and shorts), completes the Racing Level Eligibility Requirements listed below and is approved, will receive the benefits listed in base and training levels, PLUS the following:

  • Shop Sponsor Discounts
  • Gift Card Program
  • Race Fee Reimbursement Program (See details here)

Racing Level Eligibility Requirements:

GearLink Racing members must complete all of the following requirements to be eligible for Racing Level Benefits:

  1. Participate in at least 1 (one) approved GearLink Racing training rides each quarter.(See the Racing Level & Race Reimbursement Request Form for more information
  2. Hold an annual USA Cycling or USAT license listed as a member of “GearLink Racing Inc.”
  3. Participate in a minimum of 1 approved USA Cycling or USAT sanctioned races (road, circuit, criterium, time trial, triathlon, biathlon, cyclocross or cross country mountain bike races)
  4. Wear the current GearLink Racing team uniform during all races and award presentations.
  5. Submit a Racing Level and Race Fee Reimbursement Request Form.

Racing Level Policies:

The GearLink Racing Level Policies are as follows:

  • Each eligible member must complete the Racing Level and Race Fee Reimbursement Request Form and submit for approval to:

Gearlink Racing, Inc.,
P.O. Box 42
Palm Harbor, FL 34682-0042

NOTE: The forms can be submitted by email to the Vice President of Membership.

  • Upon approval of the application, the race fee reimbursement payment will be distributed to the team member in the form of a check issued from the team treasurer.
  • Gift cards will be made available by the current shop sponsor and only be valid for purchases made at the shop sponsor store(s).
  • Gift cards will only be valid for approximately 3 months from the time of issuance.
  • Placing and participation will be verified on, , or other board approved information sources as applicable.

Shop Sponsor Discounts and Gift Card Program:

Each eligible member shall receive increasing discounts on all equipment, labor and parts available at our current bike shop sponsor, Chainwheel Drive, according to the number of qualified races completed as described below:

  • All Non-Racers = 15% discount on non sale items and 10% off all Labor
  • All Racers registered with an official license and assigned to Gearlink Racing Inc. = 20% discount on non sale items and 10% off all labor at our current bike shop sponsor

Gift cards from Chainwheel Drive for each top three placing:

  • $50 for 1st place
  • $25 for 2nd place
  • $15 for 3rd place

Race Fee Reimbursement:

*You must have a current year Gearlink team kit.
*You must have your current year dues paid.
*You must volunteer for one of our Philanthropy Events or Edinburgh CX.

Qualified Race Reimbursement Caps (Excludes Training Races):
1-5 Races $250 Cap
6-10 Races $300 Cap
11-15 Races $400 Cap
15 or more Races $500 Cap

Reimbursement Amount:                               Gift Card Amount:
Top 3 = $30                                                       1st $50
Top 10 = $20                                                     2nd $25
Finish = $10                                                      3rd $15

Training Races and local training TT’s only qualify for Chainwheel Drive Gift Card: 1st $50, 2nd $25, 3rd $15

Group Ride Program – If a group plans to do 6 GAP or Horrible Hundred as a team, we will direct some RR funds there to represent at charity rides.

It is the responsibility of each member to submit their results to the board in order for the shop sponsor and gift card list to be updated.   An updated list of members, discount level and gift cards will be sent to the shop sponsor approximately every 6 months. The discounts and gift cards will be entered into the shop’s database by the shop’s employees in a timely manner. If you plan to make a purchase it would help to call the shop and verify your information before shopping. In the event that the shop has the incorrect discount or gift card information, please contact the board and we will do our best to expedite.